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Soaring With Spelling - Level 8 Set

This spelling and vocabulary program has a nice layout. Lists are not overwhelming and it has a worksheet for each weekday.

The Level 8 (Grade 8) Set includes Student Workbook & Answer Key.

Level 8 Features:

  • Each lesson within the Level 8 spelling and vocabulary program contains 20 list words.
  • List words are much more difficult than those used in prior levels.  This level is difficult enough for eighth grade to high school students.
  • Lessons contain games such as pronunciation of words, proof reading, deciphering puzzles, word jumbles, crossword puzzles, word search, definition matching, unscrambling words, identifying misspelled list words in a paragraph or sentence, alphabetizing word groups, and complete the sentences.  These exercises are more difficult than those in previous levels.
  • Typical blank lines are provided since students at this level should have enough experience and control in writing.

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