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High School

Want more from your child's high school education? The Learning House can help you find the right program for your student!

If you're planning to homeschool through high school or want to explore new curriculum options for your high school student, the vast array of materials available today can seem overwhelming. The Learning House has a great many programs that can help you in this process. We offer a number of complete curriculum packages covering all of the subjects important for a quality high school education. If you want to customize a program we have hundreds of materials that might be just what you are looking for. Many of our programs include strong parent and student support with teaching guides, texts, workbooks, and more.

What does our High-school curriculum include?

We are proud to offer products by some of the best-loved publishers of high school homeschooling curriculum. These would include: Apologia, Saxon, Rosetta Stone, BJU Press, Alpha Omega Publications, Essentials in Writing and many others. Many of the courses we offer have been created by educational experts in their field of study providing robust content at the highest level. Regular revision and course development ensures that concepts being taught are applicable to the current practices in that field of study. We have courses that cover the following subjects.

  1. Bible – devotionals, full Bible study programs
  2. English- British literature, American literature, writing and grammar, language arts
  3. Geography- World geography and Canadian geography
  4. History- Canadian civics, Canadian history, world history,
  5. Math- Algebra, geometry, calculus, physics, economics and consumer math.
  6. Science- Physics, chemistry, biology
  7. Art
  8. Foreign Languages
  9. Other electives – such as computer studies, physical education and more.

By the time your students are in high school many are ready for a more independent course of study. Many of our courses provide just that. For those students that require more support you can always consider video, CD-Rom and On-line courses sold through The Learning House. Need help? Our staff have personal experience in homeschooling high school and have over 10 years of experience assisting others as they work through these challenging years.

If you’re looking for a challenging academic experience delivered through creative projects and engaging courses, you’re at the right place! Our high school curriculum is built on robust academic standards. We can help you prepare young minds for university, college, and the work place.

Our study material has been developed in such a way that it can be altered to meet varying needs of the growing individuals. The Learning House understands that each individual learns in a different way—some by listening, others by doing and still others by reading or seeing. Our study material reinforces solid comprehension, reading, study skills, and technology, which is thoughtfully combined throughout the grade levels.

To know more about our high school curriculum, give us a call today!