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Lantern in Her Hand, A

Abbie MacKenzie dreamed of becoming a fine lady like her aristocratic grandmother, devoting herself to music and art. But at eighteen Abbie found a different dream, turning away from the promise of a comfortable life as a doctor's wife to marry handsome, quiet Will Deal. Together, they eagerly accepted the challenge of homesteading in Nebraska territory, where the prairies stretched as far as the eye could see, and only the strongest survived for long.

For close to seventy years, readers have cherished Abbie's story - an inspiring story of struggle against unexpected perils, of love and laughter, of the land she helped conquer and the family she raised.

This book is used with the Gray Book (Gr 8) Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

AuthorBess Streeter Aldrich
Product CodeLB038
Ages12 up
Length256 pages
PublisherPenguin Books
FormatSoftcover, Black & White
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