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Physics 101 DVDs

The Mechanics of God's Physical World

Explore the fascinating science of physics and study the principles and laws that drive the natural world.

With over eleven hours of information packed into four DVDs, this series presents everyone with a rich opportunity to study the clockwork of God's universe. Wes Olson guides you through the science of physics; untangling and decoding complex terms and ideas into an organized and easy to use format. This DVD course will give your children a thorough overview of the world of Physics.

Included on Disc D is a printable (PDF) guidebook with quizzes covering the material presented in each segment and a one year highschool course booklet. The guidebook allows the student to easily review all the information covered in the films. Each guidebook segment includes a multiple choice quiz and discussion questions.

Physics Made Simple!

Physics can be a complicated subject, but that doesn't mean that it has to be boring and impossible to understand. Veteran filmmaker Wes Olson will take you on a journey into the incredible universe created by God, from Newton's laws to the complex concepts behind quantum mechanics. Once you have finished this course, you will feel at ease discussing relativity, explaining the correlation between energy, mass and the speed of light, and perhaps even Schrodinger's cat.

AuthorWes Olson
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PublisherThe 101 Series
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