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Biology 101 DVDs

A Biology Course from a Biblical Perspective

Biology 101 is a complete overview of the world of biology from a Biblical perspective. The 4 DVD set contains a coherent, easy to understand and faith-based comprehension of the world around us. Many modern biologists ignore God's revelation of His creation. Biology 101 presents the study of biology following the actual creation days revealed in the book of Genesis. 

An exciting, visually rich experience, it is designed specifically for ages 15 years old and up. Filmed in locations throughout America's beautiful Northwest, Biology 101 is full of accurate and fascinating information supported by hundreds of captivating visuals and graphics. The 4 DVD set is accompanied by a printable (pdf) guidebook, allowing the student to easily review all the information covered in the film. Each guidebook segment includes a multiple choice quiz and discussion questions. A 12-page “Course Accreditation Program” booklet is included for those families who want a year-long biology course.

Biology 101 was developed and hosted by Wes Olson, Multnomah Bible College graduate, veteran filmmaker of 15 years, and homeschooling father. Wes guides you through the world of “biological science,” unraveling and decoding terms and ideas.

Not Homeschooling?  Biology 101 is Even More Essential!

If your children are in public or private school, Biology 101 will be essential viewing. These DVDs will provide a clear Christian context in which they can place all of the information they are provided in their classes. They'll get the big picture that will help them correctly interpret what they are taught in school, and they'll learn that Biology can be exciting, challenging and fun. Teachers, too, will find these DVDs invaluable.

AuthorWes Olson
Product CodeSC720
Length4 hours 37 minutes
PublisherThe 101 Series
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