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Complete Introduction to Physics (Grades 6-8)

How do people move massive grand pianos into high-rise apartments? Find the surprising answer to this and more with these physics experiments for kids in this science kit! Physics principles come alive with the hands-on demonstrations in this introductory science lab kit. Why settle for reading about Newton's laws of motion when you can prove them in real life?  You'll get everything you need for 17 unforgettable physical science experiments in one box.

The physics experiments for kids in this kit will put these concepts in action:

  • Gravity
  • Velocity
  • Work
  • Force & motion
  • Pendulums
  • Levers
  • Balance
  • Inclined planes
  • Pulleys

These physics experiments for kids hinge on the scientific method, building confidence and competence. (And not just for kids—parents, we’re looking at you!) The 54 page study manual squashes insecurity about teaching physics and doing important hands-on lab experiments.

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