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Analogies 2

Each of the Analogies books consist of three parts. Part 1 provides information on analogies and how to solve them. This instructional material is written in clear, conversational English with a minimum of technical terms and makes mastery of analogy techniques manageable for students. Topics include the "bridge sentence," words with more than one meaning, two-step analogies, and various analogy types. There are also warm-up exercises for the students, which are followed up with helpful answers and explanations. Part 2 presents hundreds of analogies organized into 3 groups. Each group is broken down into units, with each unit consisting of 20 problems. There are 15 units in Analogies 1 and Analogies 2, and 20 units in Analogies 3. Part 3 contains vocabulary groups of 100 words each, with the alphabetized and defined words representing some of the most difficult ones in the corresponding analogy group. There are 3 vocabulary groups in Books 1 and 2, and 4 in Book 3.

AuthorArthur Liebman
Product CodeMR135
PublisherSchool Specialty
FormatSoftcover, Black & White
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