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The Fallacy Detective Workbook Edition

Recently updated, the workbook edition provides students space to record responses to lesson exercises. Learn how to recognize bad reasoning and spot errors in others' logic, and your own. The focus is on practical logic such as fallacies you might encounter in a newspaper. Learn to identify red herrings, circular reasoning, statistical fallacies, and propaganda. Each lesson presents several examples of poor reasoning (often illustrated by cartoons) and then provides a lengthy exercise set. Includes answer key and teaching tips for homeschoolers/private schools at authors' website. Religiously neutral. Not reproducible.

You may ask "What is a fallacy?" A fallacy is an error in logic – a place where someone has made a mistake in his thinking. An example would be “A cloud is 90% water. A watermelon is 90% water. Therefore, since a plane can fly through a cloud, a plane can fly through a watermelon.” 

This is an easy book for learning to spot common errors in reasoning. Each lesson begins with a section for you to read, and ends with exercises for you to answer. The author recommends that you work through this book in a group of two or more people. There is something about multiple people discussing their agreements or disagreements which brings out so much more in the lesson. You may wish to have each person read each lesson independently, then have everyone go through the lesson together. An answer key is provided at the back of the book.

AuthorHans and Nathaniel Bluedorn
Product CodeMR190
Ages13 & Up
Length233 pages
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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