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    Discover Math Programs and Textbooks like never before!

    Math is a subject that requires deep understanding and reasoning. At The Learning House you will find an excellent selection of great programs and supplementary materials to facilitate the study of mathematical principles. We have affordable products that are designed to meet the needs of children of different capabilities. We can help you choose a program that will help your students grow in their mathematical ability and understanding.

    Topics covered from K-12!

    • 1. Number Readiness
    • 2. Basic Math Concepts
    • 3. Manipulatives
    • 4. Canadian Math
    • 5. Math Games
    • 6. Algebra
    • 7. Geometry
    • 8. Calculus
    • 9. Critical Thinking
    • 10. Logic
    • 11. Remedial Math

    With over a dozen different math programs to choose from you are sure to find the appropriate math program for your student. Need help teaching? Consider one of our on-line, DVD or CD-Rom programs to provide state of the art teaching to your student.

    The curriculums we sell offer the following advantages:

    Fluency, understanding, reasoning and problem solving are an important part of our mathematics content. This kind of approach has been adopted to ensure student, proficiency in mathematical skills that develop throughout the curriculum and become more robust over a period of time for schooling. We help our students achieve:

    • 1. Understanding

    Learners build a strong knowledge base of mathematical concepts. They are able to understand the relationship between the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of mathematics.

    • 2. Fluency

    Learners start to develop skills in selecting the right procedures and carrying out procedures accurately, flexibly, appropriately and efficiently. Students are more fluent in calculating answers when they choose the right approximations and methods, when they regularly use facts and can manipulate equations and expressions for finding solutions.

    • 3. Problem Solving

    Learners are able to develop the ability to formulate, interpret, investigate problems, and make choices more effectively. They formulate and resolve problems when they utilize mathematics to design investigations and apply different strategies to seek solutions.

    • 4. Reasoning

    The Learning House offers study material that helps students increase their capacity to reason. They become better at proving, analyzing, evaluating, inferring, explaining, generalizing and justifying. Students use their logic while deducing and justifying strategies used and the various conclusions reached.

    Features And Benefits of our Math curriculums

    1. Individualized Instruction
    2. Some Bible-Based Curriculum
    3. Convenient and Flexible Schedule
    4. Start any time
    5. Study at Your Own Pace
    6. Customizable Courses
    7. Affordable Study Material

    Mathematics can be a challenging subject. Children can lose interest when difficult bookish language makes it hard for them to understand concepts. Many of our materials have been developed to be engaging and teach the why of math as well as the what. The simple, logical, straightforward approach to math found in our programs can help your child not just survive but to succeed in this challenging subject.

    For more information on our Math curriculums give us a call today!