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    Looking for robust and well researched Science Curriculum? We have you covered!

    Science offers a practical way of answering important and interesting questions about the technological, physical, and biological world. The information it provides will affect many areas of our lives. Science provides a way for us to study the world around us, investigate the unknown and draw conclusions about what we have observed.

    The Learning House: Science Curriculum

    The Learning House offers a wide range of science curriculums. These programs have been created to offer students the opportunities to develop an understanding of important science concepts, processes and practices used for developing scientific knowledge, the contribution of science towards our culture and society, and its practical applications. These curriculums help students gain scientific information, skills and understanding to make informed decisions about global, national and local issues.

    The Learning House offers science curriculums for grades K–12. Some of the topics covered include: technology, earth, life, chemical and physical science. Looking for creation based science materials? You will find many choices that will teach your children sound science from a solid biblical background. If a more neutral approach is desired then we can help with that as well. If you want to learn lots of science but without heavy textbooks then consider our science study kits from Magic School Bus and Science Adventures. Are you looking for a gentle natural approach to science? Then consider science resources from Simply Charlotte Mason. Or, are you looking for something that will prepare your student for further studies at the university level? If so, consider Apologia or BJU Press high school science.

    Content Structure:

    Our content structure varies according to the learning level of the student. Depending on the student’s age you can find studies in the following scientific disciplines.

    1. Biological sciences- understanding living things including, plants, microorganisms, animals and human beings.
    2. Chemical sciences- The main focus of these studies is the physical and chemical properties of substances. Students learn to classify substances on the basis of their properties, such as liquids, solids, and gases, or according to their composition, such as compounds, elements, and mixtures.
    3. Earth and space sciences- The main concepts touched in this strand are the solar system, galaxy and the various scales linked to space.
    4. Physical sciences- the two main concepts that are highlighted in this strand include: forces have the ability to affect an object’s behavior; and energy that can easily be transformed and transferred from one object to another.

    The Learning House also offers state-of-the-art curriculum through the use of digital lessons through BJU Press Online programs.

    To learn more about our science curriculum get in touch with our experts today!