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Introduction to Logic Curriculum Pack

This logic course will both challenge and inspire high school students to be able to defend their faith against atheists and skeptics alike.

  • A full-year course that will increase a student’s ability to refute the untruths that evolutionists claim as fact.
  • Includes both a student text and a teacher’s guide with all necessary quizzes and tests.
  • Teaches methods that are reliable and effective in defending truth.
Logic is the study of the way God thinks. So, by studying logic, you are actually doing theology! This is a great point to emphasize for students who fancy themselves theologians, but are not terribly excited about logic. Students planning on going into ministry better learn something about the mind of the God they serve. Students of science better learn something about God’s mind since it is God’s mind that controls every atom in the universe. Knowing how their Creator thinks will give them an edge over secular students. Emphasize how awesome it is that we are learning about God’s mind! It would be wonderful to learn how Leonardo da Vinci’s mind worked, or Albert Einstein’s. How much more awesome to learn about the mind of God!

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