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Logic of English Essentials Lessons 16-22 Set

What is included:

In this section of Essentials (Lessons 16-22), students build on the concepts they learned in the first fifteen lessons of the program as they learn new spelling, reading, grammar, and vocabulary concepts. As they go, they deepen their understanding of English words as they analyze the spelling of new words and practice them through grammar, composition, and vocabulary lessons. 

New concepts introduced in Lessons 16-22 include:

  • 11 new multi-letter phonograms
  • 9 reasons for a silent E, the first two suffix rules, and two other spelling rules
  • grammar concepts including pronouns, prepositions, prepositional phrases, sentence styles, independent clauses, predicate adjectives and nouns, and more
  • dozens of new prefixes, suffixes, and roots found in words in the 16-22 spelling lists
If you are teaching multiple students, you will need an extra workbook for each student.

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