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Logic of English Morpheme Flash Cards Lessons 16-22

Discover the power of morphology! When students learn the way that roots, prefixes, and suffixes work together to form English words, they gain powerful tools for building vocabulary, strengthening comprehension, and improving spelling. Our Logic of English Morpheme Flash Cards help teachers and students to master these powerful tools.

Designed for use with Logic of English Essentials, our Morpheme Flash Cards may also be used as a vocabulary supplement for any language arts program. This set includes the new morphemes taught in Essentials Lessons 16-22. Additional sets of cards introduce the morphemes taught in Lessons 1-15 and Lessons 23-30.

  • 51 cards 
  • Color-coded to match the three levels of instruction found in Essentials 2nd Edition
    • Blue - Level A
    • Green - Level B
    • Orange - Level C
  • Definition, sample words, and language of origin included on the back
  • 4.5 x 6 inch cards
  • Printed on heavy stock
  • Coated for repeated use and durability

Product CodeLA119
Length51 cards
PublisherLogic of English
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