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Logic of English Essentials TG Lessons 16-22

Fully scripted lessons and a wealth of teacher resources guide you through every step of teaching the next seven lessons of Essentials! Equip your students for success in reading and spelling as you discover the Logic of English together.

Essentials Teacher’s Guide, Second Edition, Lessons 16-22

The Essentials Teacher’s Guides, the heart of the Essentials curriculum, contains a wealth of tips and resources to equip both veteran and novice teachers to teach Essentials effectively. The Teacher's Guide for Lessons 16-22 builds on the concepts introduced in Lessons 1-15 to take students even deeper in their understanding of English words.

  • Lessons divided into 5 parts for flexible scheduling
  • Three levels of instruction make it easy to differentiate instruction, teach students at multiple levels simultaneously, and reuse the curriculum multiple times
  • Clear, scripted lessons
  • Extensive helps and teacher tips
  • Full color layout
  • Comprehensive index
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Spelling analysis - detailed charts!
  • Grammar instruction
  • Phonogram and spelling games, instructions included
  • Vocabulary instruction with Latin and Greek roots
  • Dozens of engaging activities, extensive reviews, challenge ideas
  • Assessment and Review at the end of each lesson

More About the Essentials Program:

  • Discovery-based instruction
  • Meaningful practice
  • Engaging activities
  • Accurate and complete phonics instruction
  • 74 Phonograms
  • 31 Spelling Rules
  • Advanced Phonograms
  • Spelling Analysis helps students develop fluency and mastery
  • Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
  • Efficient vocabulary development by learning morphemes
  • Differentiated instruction with three levels of spelling and vocabulary

Essentials is Recommended for

  • Ages 8 to adult
  • Anyone who wants to learn why English words are spelled the way they are
  • As a spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program for Grades 2-6
  • Struggling readers age 8 to adult
  • Struggling spellers age 8 to adult
  • Students with dyslexia
  • ELL reading and spelling instruction
  • Students who have completed Essentials 1st edition (2012) and want to review the material a second time with more advanced spelling words and vocabulary


  • Essentials Lessons 1-15 

Both the Teacher’s Guide and the Student Workbook are needed to teach Essentials lessons. To teach Lessons 16-22, you will need two new items and your reusable supplements from Essentials Lessons 1-15:

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Length362 pages
PublisherLogic of English
FormatHardcover, Full Colour
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