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From Adam to Us Curriculum Package

From Adam to Us by Ray and Charlene Notgrass is a one-year world history and literature course designed for students in grades five through eight. The daily lessons are written in a narrative style and richly illustrated with color photographs and maps. Primary sources, literature, and hands-on activities help the student connect with the history in a personal way.

All of the instructions for how to use the course are included in From Adam to Us Part 1 and Part 2 so you do not need a separate Teacher's Manual. The daily instructions are very easy to follow. Most children will be able to follow the instructions on their own. At the beginning of each weekly unit an introductory page gives an overview of the unit, a list of the lessons, and a list of what additional books the student will be using while studying that particular unit. Following the unit introduction are five daily lessons, one to be read each day. At the end of each lesson is a list of assignments. Students are not expected to complete all of these assignments, but you may choose which ones you wish to assign. The types of assignments vary from day to day. They include:

  • Reading assignments from Our Creative World
  • Activities work in the Map Book
  • Entries in the Timeline Book
  • Assignments in the Student Workbook or Lesson Review
  • Thinking Biblically
  • Vocabulary
  • Creative writing
  • Reading assignments in the recommended literature

One special family activity is assigned each week. Projects include arts and crafts, recipes, and games. Each activity is assigned with its related lesson, but you may do it any day of the week. You will need to plan for extra time on the day you do the family activity.


The Curriculum Package includes:

  • Hardcover Textbook From Adam to Us Part 1: Creation to Cathedrals
  • Hardcover Textbook From Adam to Us Part 2: Castles to Computers
  • Hardcover Resource Book Our Creative World
  • Softcover From Adam to Us Map Book
  • Softcover From Adam to Us Timeline Book
  • Softcover From Adam to Us Answer Key

Also available separately are the Student Workbook, Lesson Review, Timeline, Map Book, and Literature Package.

Note: This curriculum is designed for daily use over one year, but may be used only 2-3 times per week to stretch it into a two-year program. (This is the opinion of The Learning House and not necessarily reflective of Notgrass History's suggestion.)

Check out the Sample Pages from all the different parts of this curriculum package!

AuthorRay and Charlene Notgrass
Product CodeHR586
PublisherNotgrass Company
FormatMultiple Hardcover and Softcover Books
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