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Grade 5 - Science Lifepac Set

Does your child know the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate? Does he know how rocks reveal a record of the history of the earth? Alpha Omega Publications has the homeschool curriculum that will teach him all this, and more! Using the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science Set, your child will develop scientific observation skills as part of instruction in the four major science strands. These Alpha Omega curriculum strands—life sciences, earth and space sciences, physical sciences, and the nature of science—are an integral part of a complete study of the physical universe which God created.

The LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science Set presents comprehensive, diverse science lessons in a way which is sure to create a love of science in your child! In ten engaging worktexts, your child will learn about cell composition and theory, the life cycles of plants and animals, heat and chemical energy, rocks, fossils, geology, and the properties and changes in matter.

These ten colourful worktexts teach lessons on:

  • Cells
  • Plants: Life Cycles
  • Animals: Life Cycles
  • Balance in Nature
  • Transformation of Energy
  • Records in Rock: The Flood
  • Records in Rock: Fossils
  • Records in Rock: Geology
  • Cycles in Nature
  • Look Ahead

But there's so much more! Because they know how difficult teaching science can be, Alpha Omega has gone to great lengths to make sure that your homeschooling child, and you, will love learning about science! An essential teacher's guide is included which consists of general teaching resources, detailed teaching notes, complete answer keys, alternate tests, and a science equipment list. Additional resources, activities, and experiments designed to encourage individualization of the program have also been incorporated into the teacher's guide. Student worktexts created to foster academic independence and critical thinking include daily instruction, review questions, and experiments, as well as opportunities for regular assessment. 

Here are some resources that may help you and your child do the labs and experiments in this program:

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