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Science Gr 4 Lifepac Nature's Workshop Lab Kit

 The Alpha-Omega Grade 4 Kit is designed to accompany the LIFEPAC Science Series by Alpha-Omega Publications. With this kit, you will have almost everything you need to complete the Grade 4 workbook’s hands-on experiments and activities – all right at your fingertips. We include a detailed and easy-to-use Laboratory Equipment Guide to help you figure out what items are to be used when throughout the curriculum.

 This kit includes: Bar Magnet, Glass Beaker, Black Construction Paper (6), Black Permanent Marker, Cardboard, Cardboard Tube, Chalk, Cheesecloth Netting, Clear Plastic Cups (6), Clear Tape, Compact Disk, Cooking Oil, Copper Strips, Copper Wire, Directional Compass, Drawing Compass, Dry Cell (9v), Electrostatics Kit, Flashlight, Blue Food Colouring, Galvanometer, 8oz Glass Jar (2), Household Ammonia, Insulated Copper Wire (4), Iron Filing Tube, Knife Switch, 3in Nail, Mass Scale, Measuring Tape, Paper Clips (3), Paper Cup, Paper Lunch Bag, Paper Towel (3), Pencil, Plastic Container, Plastic Knife, Plastic Spoon, Red Drink Mix, Rope, Rubber Band (2), Ruler, Safety Goggles, Salt, Screw, Single Pulley (2), Small Blocks of Wood (2), Small Nail, Spool of Thread, Spring Scale, Star and Planet Locator, Straight Pin (5pk), Styrofoam Ball, Sugar, Thin Pieces of Wood (2), Thin White Box, Toy Car, Vinegar, White Cotton String, White Paper, Zinc Strips.

Product CodeSC664
PublisherNature's Workshop Plus
FormatScience Kit
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