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Mystery of History Vol. 3 - Printed Companion Guide

This is the BOOK version of Companion Guide

To complement The Mystery of History Volume III Student Reader (Text), consider The Mystery of History Volume III Companion Guide as a paperback or CD. Each format contains the same material. Each has its advantages. Some people will prefer the more tangible paperback that you can highlight, mark up, and clutter with Post-its. Others of you will prefer dropping a CD into your computer for easy printing and duplication of maps, quizzes, and more.

Whichever format you choose, the Companion Guide offers you all the popular components of The Mystery of History such as:

  • Pretests
  • Activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students
  • Memory Card ideas
  • Quizzes and Games
  • Timeline Directions
  • Mapping Exercises
  • Suggested Literature
  • and more

(Though it is recommended that Volumes I and II be studied prior to this volume, it is not necessary. Volume III can stand alone as a full course of Renaissance/Reformation) The Mystery of History program can be adapted for younger students or for high school.

AuthorLinda Lacour Hobar
Product CodeHR422
Length519 pages
PublisherBright Ideas Press
FormatSoftcover, Black & White
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