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Mystery of History Vol. 3 BUNDLE

The Mystery of History Volume III covers people and events from 1455 to 1707. There are glimpses of great power, great minds, and great passion such as The Medici's, the Inquisition,  Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo, Martin Luther, Shakespeare, Pocahontas and Henry VIII.

The Mystery of History Volume III will look at what was going on all over the world in the order that it happened. So, while the Renaissance and Reformation were taking shape in Europe, we’ll look at the rise of wealthy empires in West Africa, the Mogul dynasty of India, and the peaceful lives of the Aboriginals of Australia. We will also visit Ivan the Terrible in Russia and the Tokugawa family in Japan. 

Everything you need to study this Mystery of History course in one convenient bundle! Full descriptions of each item can be found by following the links.

This Bundle Includes:

AuthorLinda Lacour Hobar
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PublisherBright Ideas Press
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