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Sequential Spelling Level 1 Set

Sequential Spelling Level One consists of 180 daily lessons totaling just over 4,000 words.  It begins with the word family "in" and ends with the word families "as" and "ac".

Level One is normally undertaken by 6-7 year-olds.  When a child has mastered the alphabet and basic phonics up through two letter blends, they are ready.  However, this publication is commonly used for remedial work and it is very common for struggling spellers to begin here.  Use the placement test to assess the best level for your student. The parent/teacher should feel at liberty to judge the student's readiness. 

Teacher's Guide

  • Instructions for Use
  • Word Lists for 180 Days
  • Correct Answers to SB Optional Exercises
  • Correct Answers for Evaluation Tests
  • Optional Rules You Might Consider Teaching

Student Book

  • Work Space for 180 Days
  • 180 Fun, Optional Exercises
  • Five Evaluation Tests
  • Story Starters

This set contains one Teacher Book and one Student Book. Extra Student Workbooks can be purchased separately for more students.

Note: The Teacher's Guide is necessary to effectively use this program.

Product CodeSR086
Length376 pages
PublisherWave 3 Learning
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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