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Sequential Spelling Level 1 Workbook

Note: The Teacher's Guide is necessary to follow this program. The student workbook cannot be used alone.


This is just the workbook by itself, if needed for additional students. One workbook comes with the purchase of  Sequential Spelling Level 1 Set.

Sequential Spelling teaches spelling word families (e.g. consonant + eg family....Leg, Peg, Beg). This enables the child to learn spelling inductively, the exact same way they learned to speak and to walk. This form of instruction is especially effective for children who struggle with rules, have attention challenges or are dyslexic because the letters are learned in sound context rather than through rote memorization.

The Student Workbook consists of a blank spelling list and coordinating fun activity on the back of the page for each word list in the Teacher Book.

The program consists of seven levels each building on the previous level. The book level numbers do not correspond to a grade level. Everyone should start with Level 1. It may be easy at first, but it gets much harder quickly. A reading or spelling ability of about 2nd grade is necessary to use Sequential Spelling effectively. 

Use the Placement Test provided below to determine what level your student should be doing.

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FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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