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Saxon Math 6/5 (3Ed) Homeschool Kit

Saxon Math 6/5 is designed for students in Grade 5, or Grade 6 students who are struggling with math.

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Saxon Math teaches math with a spiral approach, which emphasizes incremental development of new material and continuous review of previously taught concepts.

Building upon the principles taught in Saxon Math 5/4, the Saxon 6/5 textbook covers concepts such as:

  • The Order of Operations
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Integers
  • Divisibility concepts
  • Ratios
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Prime and Composite Numbers
  • Patterns and Sequences
  • Powers and Roots

In-depth "Investigations" are provided every 10 lessons, and have their own set of questions. Math 6/5 includes 6 in-lesson activities and 5 investigation activities. Lessons are made up of five instructional components:

  1. Warm up Activities (including Facts Practice, Mental Math, and Problem Solving
  2. Daily Lesson (introduction of the new concept)
  3. Lesson Practice (practice of new skill, review of old skill, mixed problem practices)
  4. Cumulative Practice
  5. Cumulative Tests

The Saxon Math Homeschool Kit includes the Student Text, the Tests and Worksheets book, and the Solutions Manual.

The Student Textbook covers concepts such as: making a multiplication table; adding/subtracting fractions with a common denominator; multiplying by multiples of 10 and 100; perimeter; simple probability; decimal parts of a meter; reciprocals; volume; square roots; graphing points on a coordinate plane, and more.

The Tests and Worksheets book provides a Facts Practice Test for each lesson, as well as a test covering every 5-10 lessons. Investigations are also included. Extra/replacement Tests and Worksheets booklet can be ordered separately.

The Solutions Manual provides answers for all problems in the lesson (including Warm-up, Lesson Practice, and Mixed Practice exercises), as well as solutions for the Supplemental Practice found in the back of the student text. It also includes answers for the Facts Practice Tests, Activity Sheets, and Tests found in the separate Tests and Worksheets book.

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