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Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Essentials Pack

The History Revealed world history curriculum is designed for you to be able to do each historical period in one year (or longer if you choose) and may be abbreviated if needed to cover in a shorter timeframe. Each historical period is divided into 9 units. Each unit is design in a 4-week cycle. All 9 units can be covered in a typical 36-week school year. 

It is also designed so that all your children can study the same time period and learn some things together while doing different grade appropriate activities.  The Student Manual easily incorporates Bible, geography, art, architecture, music, creative writing, drama, world literature, and more into your study of history for students from Grades 5-12.  An Elementary Activity Book can be purchased separately to help you include your students from Kindergarten to Grade 4.

This period covers Ancient History from Creation to Jesus Christ, including Creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the rise of civilizations from Egypt to Rome.

This Essentials Pack includes all you need to "open and go":

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