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Exploring Creation with Earth Science

This course is for elementary grades. As with all other titles in the Young Explorer Series, Exploring Creation with Earth Science is designed to have no prerequisites. We encourage you to follow your student’s interests when choosing a Young Explorer title. There is not a particular order in which to complete the books in the series.

Students will study why our planet is the only known planet that has life in the universe.  They will map out the Earth with a globe they create, adding new knowledge with each lesson.  From the clouds in the sky to the dirt on the ground, science will no longer be a course of facts that get memorized, but rather it will become a means to discovering their world and their home.

With multiple hands-on activities that bring science concepts to life, students engage with their world and learn how incredible our God truly is!  14 lessons guide students in their journey frrom macroscopic concepts like the atmosphere to the microscopic models where they learn how our atmosphere was designed to keep itself clean. Each lesson could take two weeks to complete with the variety of hands-on activities, experiments, and projects.  A detailed lesson plan is included in the Notebooking Journal.

They will dig in deep in their studies of the geosphere and dive right into lessons on the hydrosphere.  And all the while, they will be learning how loved they are by a God who created everything to work together to make life possible.

AuthorRachel Yunis
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FormatHardcover, Full Colour
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