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Mand Labs Magic of LED Kit: An Hour of Electronics

The Magic of LED kit is designed to exclusively introduce young children to real-world electronics through a series of 5 interesting projects based on LEDs, buzzer, transistors and capacitors. Using the kit, users can do “an hour of electronics” in homes or classrooms. 

Projects in the Box:

  • Glow an LED 
  • Beep a Buzzer 
  • Creating a Flash Using a Capacitor 
  • Touch-Activated Switch 
  • Automatic Night Lamp

What’s included:

  • Mini breadboard
  • LEDs (R/G/B/O)
  • Capacitors 
  • Resistors(100R, 330R, 1k, 100M)
  • LDR, jumpers (4 sizes) 
  • Transistors (NPN)
  • Digital step-by-step guides (for download) 
  • Circuit schematics9V carbon-zinc battery 
  • Battery connector

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