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New Owner and New Location Announcement FAQs

Where will the amalgamated stores be?

Maple Tree Publications AND The Learning House are MOVING! They will be united as one of Canada's largest homeschool resource centres in a huge 7,300 square foot facility in Bradford, Ontario, right on the edge of the GTA and steps from the GO Train. If you are in the neighbourhood, you will find us at 389 Dissette Street, Unit 2, Bradford! We will let you know as soon as we are able to welcome foot traffic in the new location!

What will combining the stores look like? What name will you use?

As one united company, we will continue to supply all of your homeschool resource needs, including the Charlotte Mason style specialty items that Maple Tree has been your trusted source for, under the name The Learning House. Maple Tree Publications will be the department of The Learning House which will continue to offer and expand our publications for the Canadian homeschool community.

How do I put in my order going forward?

Both our websites, www.mapletreepublications.ca and www.learninghouse.ca, will remain open for business as usual and once all of Maple Tree's items are added to the Learning House website towards the end of the year, you will find all of our retail offerings in one convenient place at www.learninghouse.ca.

When does this change take place?

The timeline: The Learning House officially transfers to the ownership of Mark and Cori Dean on November 1st, 2020 and while web sales will continue to be available, both stores will put a pause on taking phone and shipping out orders out from November 1-14th.

What about the order I have already put in?

Due to the impact of covid, many of you have experienced long waits for orders due to demand and publisher shortages and we, with both our staff teams, have been working incredibly long hours: days, evenings, and weekends, and we are committed to clearing out as many orders as possible before we pause our shipping. Know that we are doing all we can to make sure that you get the resources you need in a timely manner and to ensure that this move is seamless for our customers.

What about Louise and Pam?

Even though they will be taking more much deserved time to enjoy their families and particularly with a cherished and growing tribe of grandchildren, Louise and her incredible office manager, Pam Zubis, will continue to work closely alongside the Deans and the expanding staff team in Bradford to ensure that all of our customers will continue to receive the exceptional customer care that both of our companies have come to be known for. You will still be able to access Louise for consultations! She LOVES to care for people as they plan for their children's education and doesn't want to give those times up!

What kind of changes should we expect in the future?

In addition to this, Louise and Cori have had many twinkle-in-the-eye moments as we have dreamed of the opportunities offered when working together with a growing staff in a much larger facility. As restrictions and time permit, we look forward to offering both in person and online classes. Our new facility offers dedicated classroom and studio space in addition to plenty of room to browse our stacks of books! What a dream come true!