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    Math :: Kindergarten


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    Homeschool Blessings

    Recently, I had the great privilege of speaking with 3 families who are considering home education for their families. As I began to plan for that "kitchen meeting" I thought about some of the blessings of home schooling.  The more I thought the longer the list became.

    Increase your child’s learning abilities through solid kindergarten curriculum offered by The Learning House!

    Are you searching for a comprehensive homeschool program for your kindergarten student? The Learning House offers a number of curriculums to engage young learners and help them reach for academic excellence by increasing their love for learning. Many of our programs emphasize beginning critical thinking skills that will help students throughout their life. Since most kindergarten children are curious by nature, we've included some excellent tools to nurture their curiosity!

    Since 80% of a child’s IQ will be developed before the age of seven, it is never too early to begin to work on reasoning and thinking skills. Good curriculum will aid young learners in developing skills in four fundamental areas: auditory, visual, comprehension and motor skills. Gently progressive activities full of fun and activity can provide hours of profitable learning. Easy to use workbooks, texts, and other resources help you explore and overcome the child's learning weaknesses while developing their strengths.

    What is covered in our kindergarten curriculums?

    1. Bible- learning about God, Bible truths
    2. Geography- primary map books
    3. Handwriting- alphabet games, handwriting copybooks, handwriting activity books
    4. Social Studies - basic history lessons
    5. Math- numbers, reasoning, simple addition and subtraction
    6. Phonics- alphabet games, basic reading, upper case letters, lower case letters
    7. Reading- short vowel readers alphabet games, basic reading, upper case letters, lower case letters, rhyming activity book
    8. Science- nature study, plant and animal studies, and more

    By the time students have completed the Kindergarten curriculums we offer, many children will be able to read and write all alphabet letters, in both lowercase and uppercase. They may be able to write simple sentences and recognize rhyming words. Mathematics curriculum for kindergarten students will teach number identification, writing numbers, telling time, and identifying shapes and patterns. Your child will also be able to perform and understand simple math concepts like one or two less and more.

    We will help you choose the right books!

    Choosing the right curriculum for a kindergartener can be a challenge. Teachers and homeschooling parents need a program based on the intellectual and physical development of 4 to 6 year olds. To make things easier for you, our experts will guide you as you choose materials to purchase that will provide a course or study to fit your child’s individual needs. This will help you rest assured that you’re on the right path!

    To know more about our kindergarten curriculum browse our website or give us a call today!