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Essentials in Literature 10 DVD Combo


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Essentials in Literature is a literary analysis curriculum that features a student textbook/workbook combination with video instruction from teacher, Matthew Stephens, presented on DVD over four units: fiction, nonfiction, novel, figurative language/poetry.

Literary analysis occurs across the curriculum by exploring short stories in the fiction unit. Short works of nonfiction such as excerpts from biographies and autobiographies as well as informative articles, propaganda techniques, and narrative nonfiction are analyzed in the nonfiction unit. Figurative language and poetry are explored in the final unit following a six week novel study.

Story Assessments (Independent Practice) provide comprehension and application practice through a variety of techniques including, but not limited to:  multiple choice, matching, long answer, tabled literary analysis application, and written response.

Students are taught to analyze literature not only for its literary value but also as a way to connect with authors, characters, events, and places. Students will be challenged to become better readers, writers, and critical thinkers as they prepare for college and careers.

Included in the Combo:

*Please note, literary works can be accessed from the public domain thru links provided within the curriculum.

AuthorMatthew Stephens
Product CodeLS605
PublisherEssentials in Writing
FormatStudent Workbook, Teacher Handbook, Novel, DVD's
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