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Ecoutez, Parlez! - Book 1

We are excited about this new individualized French Oral Program. It's purpose is to cover many practical speaking skills. It can be started with any child that can read.

Oral exercises are done with a CD along with bright and colourful images on every page of the accompanying book. Ecoutez, Parlez! enables the student to perfect pronunciation, and also provides a fun way to learn vocabulary, verbs and phrases. It is best to start with Book 1.

Book 1 covers basic greetings, fruits, family, animals, and school.

This looks like a low stress, enjoyable way to learn French, just open the book and start the CD. For those with little or no background in the subject, this would be an excellent choice.

Accompanying workbooks are now available to reinforce the oral exercises with written work.   Workbook 1 can be purchased here.

AuthorKathleen Newton
Product CodeLR069
PublisherKaleeka Press
FormatSoftcover, Full Colour, with Audio CD
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Order: LR069

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