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Elementary Algebra Instruction DVD, Jacobs

This course is designed to study the properties of linear and nonlinear functions, rational equations, and applications of algebraic skills like operations, real numbers, and polynomials.

  • The video sections are based on Harold Jacob’s Elementary Algebra textbook and guide the student using lessons, examples, and optional hands-on learning activities.
  • The course is taught in a light-hearted style, focusing on helping the student understand the concepts of algebra without a ton of math-speak.
  • This course comes with free Homework Help email support from AskDrCallahan, making this course an ideal solution for parents and students alike looking to learn algebra while preparing for the ACT, SAT, and future math courses.

AuthorHarold R. Jacobs
Product CodeMR822
Length6 hours
PublisherMaster Books
Format6 DVDs
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