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Conflicts & Challenges - Canada 1800-1850

Topics Covered Include:

  • The War of 1812: Important Battles in the War of 1812, The End of the War of 1812, War Heroes: Sir Isaac Brock; Tecumseh; Laura Secord
  • Colonial Government: Upper & Lower Canada
  • Lower Canada - The Beginning of Unrest, The Protest Movement, Unrest Explodes into Rebellion - Lower Canada Rebel Leaders: Louis-Joseph Papineau;  Cyrille Cote; Wolfred Nelson; Robert Nelson
  • Upper Canada - The Beginning of Unrest, The Reform Movement, Unrest Explodes into Rebellion - Upper Canada Rebel Leaders: William Lyon Mackenzie; John Rolph; Peter Matthews; Anthony Van Egmond; Samuel Lount
  • The Rebellions of 1837: Results
  • Political Leaders: Lord Durham
  • The Union Act of 1840 - Transition to Responsible Government
  • Responsible Government: Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Political Leaders: Joseph Howe; James Boyle Uniacke
  • Responsible Government: Province of Canada, Province of Canada Political Leaders: Robert Baldwin; Louis Lafontaine
  • Responsible Government: New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island
  • Responsible Government: Newfoundland, Newfoundland Political Leaders: William Carson; Phillip Little; John Kent

AuthorEleanor M. Summers & Ruth Solski
Product CodeHR560
Length88 pages
PublisherOn the Mark Press
FormatSoftcover, Black & White or eBook
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