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30 Days to Understanding the Bible

This classic is now expanded and updated with this 30th Anniversary Edition, helping you grasp the key people, events, and doctrines of the Christian faith and get more out of God's Word.

Have you always wanted to learn about the Bible, but thought that it would take too much time? With this remarkable resource from Max Anders, learning the bacisc of the Bible takes fifteen minutes a day for just 30 days.

Whether you are a beginning student looking for a powerful introduction to the Bible, a veteran Bible student seeking to fill gaps in your Bible knowledge and to increase your command of biblical truth, or a teacher needing a creative and effective treasure for Bible study this is the book for you. 

30 Days to Understanding the Bible helps you learn the key Bible characters, places, and events in chronological order so that you can "think your way through" the story of the Bible.

Features Include:

  • The "Arc of Bible History" to help you visualize the Bible's overarching themes
  • The "Story of the Bible" summarizing Genesis through Revelation in just a few pages
  • The core beliefs of the Christian faith, focusing on the teachings that have united Christians for the last 2,000 years.
  • 13-week plan that provides teachers creative and effective tools for teaching the Bible in 30 days.
  • Fan-favorite bonus content, previously removed, now restored from the original edition

AuthorMax Anders
Product CodeBR311
Ages14 and up
Length400 Pages
PublisherThomas Nelson
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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Order: BR311

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