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    Canada Map Book 1 by George Quinn Grade 3 :: Geography

    This activity book introduces students to Canada through the use of maps. Its purpose is to help students at a grade 2-4 reading level develop basic map skills while gaining a better understanind of Canada's geography. The 34 student-based activities, largely self-directed, are designed to develop basic map skills: recognizing shape, interpreting symbols, determining direction, and identifying familiar landforms and water bodies. This self-contained book is an excellent resource for independent learning. These map books will help your students develop map and globe skills as they learn about the geography of Canada. Each one becomes more challenging so that basic geography skills and concepts are mastered.

    AuthorGeorge Quinn
    Product CodeGR014
    Length40 pages
    PublisherApple Press
    FormatSoftcover, Black & White or eBook
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