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Stories of America, Volume 2

A delightful narrative of American History!

Settle back with these stories of America’s years and watch your children’s eyes light up with interest and patriotism. Mr. Morris’s narratives, originally published in 1901, make you feel as if you are listening to a kindly grandfather recounting tales from his past. And now additional chapters have been added to bring this history up to present day. Volume 2 presents stories from the Oregon Trail through the Information Age (about 1850–2012).

“It is written for the boys and girls of our land, but many of their fathers and mothers may find it pleasant and useful to read. There are hundreds who do not have time to read large histories, which try to tell all that has taken place. For those, this little history will be of great service, in showing them how, from a few half-starved settlers on a wild coast, this great nation has grown up.”

  • Delightful Living Book—In a captivating yet gentle style, the history of America is unfolded in true stories about its people as they lived the events of their day.
  • Includes American Poetry—Classic American poems are woven between the stories to enrich and expand your child’s relation with American history.
  • Interesting to the Whole Family—Though addressed to young readers, Mr. Morris’s grandfatherly story-telling pleasantly attracts and educates any age. Additional chapters, contributed by Sonya Shafer and other homeschool authors, are written in an enjoyable narrative style as well.
  • Easy to Narrate—The stories paint pictures with words that make it easy to see in your mind’s eye, and narrations naturally flow from those mental pictures.
  • Leisurely Pace—These little history books invite you to take your time meandering through American history and enjoy other living books of the time periods as well without worrying about fitting everything into your year.
  • Natural Geography—The historical maps in the back of the book naturally incorporate geography and connect the places to the people of whom you are reading.
  • Recommended—Listed as a suggested resource in the SCM Curriculum Guide as the American history spine book for Modern times.

AuthorSonya Shafer, Charles Morris, et al.
Product CodeHR554
Length241 pages
PublisherSimply Charlotte Mason
FormatSoftcover, Black & White
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