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Genesis Through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt

Study history, geography, and Bible together as a family!

This year of lesson plans features the accounts of Adam to Moses, including a study of Ancient Egypt and other civilizations of the time period, so students get a picture of the world in which the Bible events happened. Older students add more history and geography books, plus a fascinating study of the Law given at Mt. Sinai!

The Charlotte Mason-style lesson plans

  • Make the ancient world come alive through living books and Bible readings.
  • Help your students listen attentively and recall what was read by narrating.
  • Let you teach the whole family together by sharing some books as family read-alouds, then challenging older students with additional reading and writing assignments from other books on the same topic.
  • Help all your students, grades 1–12, see how Bible events fit into history.
  • Connect geography to the people who lived there—both past and present.
  • Keep things simple by providing helpful reminders of upcoming resources, teaching tips, and Book of Centuries entries.


Additional Resources:

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