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Life in the Word

Learn to study the Bible accurately and effectively—for life!

As your student completes the studies in this book, he will develop the essential Bible study skills he needs to understand God’s Word.

Using the step-by-step guidelines given in these studies, your student will be able to

  • become familiar with any book of the Bible,
  • discover what the words in the Bible mean and what God has to say about them,
  • glean all that the Bible says about a selected topic,
  • collect and organize doctrinal truths that will keep your student grounded in his faith,
  • make Biblical accounts come alive in his mind,
  • get to know Bible characters as real people,
  • combine several study methods to dig deeper into a Bible passage,
  • handle God’s Word accurately and effectively.

You can use this study in conjunction with Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles or as an independent Bible study any time.

AuthorSonya Shafer
Product CodeBR300
Length103 pages
PublisherSimply Charlotte Mason
FormatSpiral Bound, Softcover, Black & White
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