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Horizons Math Grade 7 Tests and Resources Book (Pre-Algebra)

Perforated for easy removal, this book includes pages with bi-weekly tests, quarterly exams, and 80 review worksheets that can be used as additional practice of new concepts or as an extra quiz for Horizons Math 7 course.

Along with a detailed guide that indicates when and where to use each worksheet, test, and exam, the Horizons Pre-Algebra Tests and Resources Book provides hands-on supplements to assist both visual and kinesthetic learners in mastering algebraic concepts. It also includes full-color diagrams of 3-D shapes, color-coded algebra tiles, and formula strips for selected lessons, tests, and exams.

This book can also be purchased as part of the Horizons Grade 7 Math Kit, which includes a teacher guide and student book.

Product CodeMR670
Length232 pages
PublisherAlpha Omega
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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