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Tale of Two Cities, A - Audio CD

Written by Charles Dickens and told by Jim Weiss, this masterful, historical novel is set in Paris and London during the stormy upheavals of the French Revolution. Combining adventure and a moving personal story, it tells of Lucie Manette, daughter of a hero of the Revolution, who loves Charles Darnay, an aristocrat who sympathizes with the poor. When revolutionaries seize Charles, only Englishman, Sydney Carton, can save him. But here too, we run into complication and intrigue! Shaping his telling for the entire family, Jim Weiss gives us Dickens’ unforgettable heroes, remorseless villains and thrilling plot twists to make A Tale of Two Cities a classically memorable, dramatic presentation.

AuthorJim Weiss - tells the story
Product CodeAB365
Ages9 up
Length76 minutes
PublisherGreathall Productions Inc.
FormatAudio CD
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