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Essentials in Writing 4 Combo (DVD & Workbook) 2Ed


This new 2nd edition includes: DVDs with lesson-by-lesson video instruction, the Student Workbook, a new Teacher Handbook - which provides a basic guide on how to use the program and the answer key for the student worktext.

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Essentials in Writing is a comprehensive program that covers writing and grammar as it directly applies to good writing.  Lessons are taught by Matthew Stephens the author/teacher and are short and to the point.  Students then apply the lessons through the work in their workbook. 

It is recommended that students start this program after they have a good understanding of spelling phonetically. All About Spelling is highly recommended.

 Level Four will teach:

  • Review sentences types and sentence structure (compound sentences) and address sentence errors (fragments)
  • Capitalization rules: beginning of sentences, names, city/state, holidays/countries
  • Punctuation rules:  period, question mark, & exclamation point, and commas in items in sequence
  • Grammar:  subject/predicate (both complete and simple, and compound subjects/predicates), nouns, proper nouns, action verbs, adjectives, pronouns, linking verbs, possessive nouns, subject/verb agreement, adverbs
  • Spelling rules for plural nouns
  • Alphabetization
  • Parts of a personal letter & Writing a personal letter
  • Parts of a paragraph & Writing a paragraph
  • Other forms of written communication:  lists/thank you note/invitation/diary entries
  • The writing process (prewrite, draft, revise, edit/publish)
  • Use the writing process to compose narrative, descriptive, and expository writing in formal paragraphs and informal writing
  • Effective writing skills: strong details, transitions, beginning/middle/end concept, logical sequence of events, variety of sentence structure, and use of basic figurative language
  • Revision:  word choice (use of a thesaurus), using strong details & a variety of sentence structure in writing
  • Poetry (text features/end rhyme, free verse and composition)

AuthorMatthew Stephens
Product CodeWR182
PublisherEssentials in Writing
FormatSpiral-Bound, Black & White
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