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Vocabulary from Classical Roots Book C

Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Strategic Vocabulary Instruction through Greek and Latin Roots, is a challenging vocabulary series that teaches strategies for determining unknown word meanings using Greek and Latin roots. Understanding and applying knowledge of Greek and Latin roots helps increase vocabulary and reading comprehension, providing students with a useful, transferable technique for making sense of unfamiliar vocabulary across content areas and on standardized tests including the SAT I and II. Lessons are organized according to themes, and exercises have students think about word relationships, determine correct usage of words in context, choose the best word to complete a blank, complete analogies, and use words in writing and discussion. The themes presented in Book C include: The Person, Personal Relationships, Feelings, Creature Comforts, The Head, The Body, The Hands, and The Feet. Some of the words presented in this book include: autonomy, apathy, cerebral, xenophobia, progeny, patrimony, odious, covet, facade, and gorge. Grade 9.

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