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Spelling Workout C

This curriculum for homeschooling takes a unique step-by-step approach to teaching Spelling. Using puzzles, riddles and activities, Spelling Workout ensures your child will enjoy the learning process. This program takes your child through various steps to become a confident and accurate speller. Each Grade level helps him or her progress steadily, building a solid Spelling foundation. In Grade 3, your child will continue that process.

Each lesson begins with a short article to capture children’s attention. The lesson’s spelling words are then presented along with a related spelling tip. Additional activities follow where your child will complete exercises, riddles, and puzzles to review the lessons skills. The lesson ends with a wrap-up and some review exercises to assess your child’s comprehension of the material covered. Every few lessons your child is also presented with a cumulative review.

Spelling Workout can be used in conjunction with Plaid Phonics. This Phonics program, when combined with Spelling, will allow you to create lesson plans that encompass the whole of language education. Of course, Spelling Workout is a fully independent program as well, capable of guiding your child through the world of Spelling.

In addition to all the riddles and puzzles your child will face in Spelling Workout C (Grade 3), he or she will have access to interesting cross-curricular reading passages. Such materials ensure that the program is relevant to numerous topics and subjects. After all, your child will have to use Spelling skills in his or her other homeschool subjects too.

To purchase the Level C Teacher's Edition, which includes lesson plans, answer keys, tests and more, click here.

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