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Canadian Handwriting Book B

Book B continues with manuscript handwriting and is intended for Grade 2.

The Canadian Handwriting Series is a sound, basic handwriting skills program in seven consumable workbooks. Throughout the series the student learns about Canada as they do the daily lessons and handwriting practice. Each letter in the alphabet is taught on a separate page using a simple stroke sequence, and ample practice is provided. Letters with similar strokes are arranged together in sections for ease of mastery. Self evaluation is taught to help improve handwriting.

Features of Books A through D:

  • More actual drill and practice than other programs for developing handwriting skills.
  • The use of letter forms that are clear and easy to produce; there are numbered stroke sequences for every letter.
  • Dashed letters (Books A, B, and C) to give the pupil practice in forming letters.
  • Descriptive and numerical stroke counts to strengthen students' ability to create letter forms with greater ease at their own pace.
  • Materials include extensive self-directed exercises that allow teachers to work with individual students as needed.
  • The inclusion of spelling words to develop the ability to write letter forms clearly within words (too often spelling errors are actually handwriting illegibilities).

Product CodePW053
Length80 pages
PublisherResource Centre
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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