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Horizons Penmanship Gr. 4 Teacher's Guide

Who doesn't appreciate a hand-written note of congratulations, sympathy, or friendship? Give your child the writing skills necessary to be a blessing to others with the Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship Teacher's Guide from Alpha Omega Publications. Without a doubt, you'll appreciate teaching penmanship with the helpful homeschool resources found in this guide, such as easy-to-follow lesson plans, exciting teaching tips, and suggested weekly teaching materials. In addition, you'll also be able to perfect your child's penmanship with guidelines for correct hand, pencil, and posture positions, a manuscript and cursive letter formation guide, and a comprehensive scope and sequence for clarifying daily teaching goals.

Reproducible weekly penmanship performance pages on the Parables of Jesus are sure to keep your child's cursive and manuscript handwriting skills razor sharp! Even in today's high-tech world, your child will benefit from being able to fill out forms, write thank-you notes, and sign his name in proper penmanship. Prepare your child for a lifetime of handwriting success.

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FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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