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Poetry Prompts Gr. 1-3

Ideas for teaching poetry to primary children include: How to listen to poetry and recite poetry using choral reading skills: Exercises that include the word list for the development of early poetry writing skills: Lessons for the development of listening and ear training skills using two and three rhyming words: Worksheets that progress to solving rhyming riddles.

Your students will learn to write poetry through 15+ worksheets that progress from practice in writing rhyming words, rhyming pairs and rhyming couplets to students writing their own 2 line poems. A further 30+ worksheets and activities will extend students poetry writing skills in the following poetry forms: Two word poems, Acrostic, Limerick, Haiku, and Cinquain.

Instill a love of poetry while practicing skills in reading, writing, creativity and music.

AuthorRuth Solski
Product CodeWR062
Length80 pages
PublisherOn the Mark Press
FormatSoftcover, Black and White or eBook
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