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Hair Pulling Bear Dog, The - #1 D.J. Dillon Series

 D. J. Dillon's life is suddenly turned upside down when an outlaw bear attacks the family's small farm and kills their livestock. His father has forbidden the lonely boy to have a beautiful collie dog as a companion, but now decides that D.J. should have a hound to trail the bear.

Against his will, D.J. is forced to accept an ugly mutt that is supposedly experienced at hunting bears. But at the first encounter with a bear, the dog is afraid and runs away.

Instead of the father allowing D.J. to get rid of the dog, he has to keep and train him. This sets up suspenseful situations that plunge boy and dog into life-threatening experiences in the 10 novels in this series. 

In this first D.J. Dillon book, the mutt proves his courage in a final catastrophic encounter, and D.J. learns a life-lesson about judging people.

AuthorLee Roddy
Product CodeLB352
Length123 pages
PublisherMott Media
FormatSoftcover, Black and White
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