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Saxon Math 8/7 (3rd Ed) Dive Disc

Teaching 3-5 practice problems, Dr. Shormann teaches every lesson and investigation step-by-step. Students take notes and work problems interactively, just like a live lecture. Includes a Q&A email service with Dr. Shormann.

Easily re-learn forgotten concepts by clicking on the corresponding DIVE lesson (next to the question). Better than an answer, the student applies the lesson, building long term retention.

DIVE is the only program to include specific CLEP and AP exam preparation.

All knowledge comes from God, including math! Connecting math to Scripture and creation, Dr. Shormann teaches from a Biblical foundation. He encourages godly character and inspires students to excel.

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What’s on the DIVE CD:                                                                                                

  • 120 Lesson Video Lectures
  • 12 Investigation Video Lectures
  • Weekly Assignment Chart
  • Question and Answer Email Service
  • Teacher's Guide

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