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What on Earth is God Doing?

Do you ever question what life is supposed to look like? Are you tired of large institutions trying to make you into their best version of you?

The pages of this book are filled with the discovery of what God is doing for you. He's working, so you can live an optimal life. But how? No institution directs this, because God does the work Himself. Through looking at historic and modern examples, author Rob Good navigates the clear and repeatable cycle on which God is taking us.

The goal of this book is to help you connect your experience with God's faithful rhythms. You will track your own spiritual journey and develop new expectations to participate with God's action. He has been doing this in people's lives for centuries and is doing the same thing in you!

Finally, if you've never attended church or don't believe in God, this book will introduce a God who is at work, even if unacknowledged. Our perception does not impede His action.

It is time to discover what on earth God is doing!

AuthorRob Good
Product CodeBR465
Length184 pages
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