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He Went With Magellan

Vasco Coelho, a 14-year-old royal page for the Portuguese King, travels to Spain with Magellan to request financing for an expedition into waters unknown. They are searching for a Western sea route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia – Islands overflowing with expensive spices, where there are fortunes to be made.

When telling of Vasco joining him on the journey, Magellan says: “I am going to take Vasco Coelho with me… a boy who can draw charts and knock down thieves, and who can take care of those who are supposed to protect him.”

Vasco learns that adventure comes with many hardships. Mutiny, scurvy, fighting and hunger all take a toll. Can they become the first explorers to circumnavigate the globe, or will they fall off the edge of the world? Will any of them return to Spain alive?

Louise Andrews Kent is a master storyteller, weaving historical accuracy and immersive adventure into one epic voyage of discovery.

This new edition features all the original illustrations and clean, readable text. It is a fantastic living book teaching about history and geography, 

AuthorLouise Andrews Kent
Product CodeLB2073
Ages10 and up
PublisherLiving Book Press
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