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NOVA - Starlore Legacy #1

The Starlore Legacy Series is a futuristic allegory of the entire Bible set in a far away galaxy.  It is a galactic journey of battle, hope, promise, and victory. Beginning with the story of Moses, Nova expands the biblical account of the Jewish people to the cosmos.

A mighty empire...a lowly slave...a galaxy to save. Will a hero rise?

Nova chronicles the early years of the Aurora Galaxy after the great war between two immortal races known as the Malakians and the Torians. The despot, Zari Treville, is leading the Torians on a campaign to rule the galaxy, but Supreme Chancellor Ell Yon, leader of the Malakians, stands in his way. Both races wield technology far beyond anything the human race has ever seen. Young Daeson Starlore is born of royal blood on the planet of Jypton where the Rayleans (the Drudge class) serve the ruling classes of Jyptonians (the Colloquial and the Elite classes). As a young man Daeson is living his dream piloting his Starcraft at the academy and is on track to graduate at the top of his class. A chance encounter with a lowly Starcraft mechanic changes everything and the life and world Daeson once thought he knew changes forever.  Desperate for truth, Daeson embarks on a galactic journey that will either kill him or thrust him into a life of terrifying adventure.  Time is short ... will he survive ... will he rise? 

AuthorChuck Black
Product CodeLB2000
Ages10 and up
Length254 pages
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