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Modern Calligraphy


Create beautiful, contemporary lettering with a personal flourish. In concise, easy-to-follow steps, ArtMaker: Modern Calligraphy explains everything a beginner needs to know about calligraphy and hand lettering, including the basics of letter formation, changing line weights, uppercase and lowercase variations, exploring different lettering and calligraphic styles and connecting letters seamlessly.

The 48-page instruction book provides a sound foundation to expressing your own feelings, mood and personality via the handwritten word. From greeting cards to posters and prints, in the modern age of mass production, the art of calligraphy is a wonderful way to create unique, handmade keepsakes.  Along with the instruction book are the following:

  • 48-page book
  • A calligraphy pen with two nibs
  • 2 dual-tip markers
  • 18 ink cartridges
  • Exercise pad

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